BACK ISSUES: You Have to Deal With Me Breathing

Image of BACK ISSUES: You Have to Deal With Me Breathing

In 1988, Dusty Rhodes was wounded, physically and psychically. His good pals, The Road Warriors, turned their backs on the American Dream...and then stabbed him in the eye. Bandaged and breathing heavy, Dusty stood tall in the face of adversity. He was living, and the Road Warriors had to deal with him breathing.

This zine is a tribute to that promo and others like it, impassioned pleas or threats from one wrestler to another. Wrestling interviews are poetry as is, but by taking the words and adding lineation, YOU HAVE TO DEAL WITH ME BREATHING makes the argument in a new way. Something with two lungs. Something with two eyes. Something with two hearts. You're gonna have to take 'em both.

Issue 1: Cactus Jack/Terry Funk/Stan Hansen/Zandig/Ric Flair/Dusty Rhodes/Kevin Sullivan/Mark Henry/Scott Steiner/Luna Vachon/The Briscoe Brothers/Eddie Guerrero/The Ultimate Warrior/Billy Graham/Jake Roberts/Randy Savage/Eddie Kingston
(34 pages)

Issue 2 (Hard Times and Other Promos): Dusty Rhodes/Randy Savage/Bugsy McGraw/Blackjack Mulligan/Eddie Kingston/Scott Hall/Thunderbolt Patterson/Chuck Taylor/Arn Anderson/Josh Prohibition/Hulk Hogan/Terry Funk/Ric Flair/Veda Scott/Jerry Lawler/Paul Heyman/Austin Idol/Roddy Piper/Dean
Ambrose/CM Punk/William Regal / 34 pages / interior art by Box Brown.

Issue 3 (Mothership Connection): Dusty Rhodes/Buzz Sawyer/Victor Quinones/Cactus Jack/Terry Funk/Hulk Hogan/The Ultimate Warrior/Bray Wyatt/Antichristo/Kevin Steen/Ernie Ladd/Billy Graham/UltraMantis Black/Larry Sweeney/Veda Scott/Dick Murdoch/Nick Bockwinkle/Bruiser Brody/Christopher Daniels/Roddy Piper/Ric Flair/Dick the Bruiser/Eddie Gilbert/Don Muraco/Catrina/Mad Dog Vachon / 34 pages / cover by Punk Rock Big Mouth

Issue 4: Dusty Rhodes, Luna Vachon, Ox Baker, Billy Avery, Weird World, Macho Man Randy Savage, and Harley Race. Also features two one-act plays, one about Big Van Vader, the other about The Bella Twins!