Random Selection Book Club

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Hey there! Between moving out of one space and into another and also having to replace window on my car, things are stretched super thin for me at the moment, and I have more books than I do money. I'm trying to do two things here:

1. Buy a couch, whether it's a $40 one from a thrift store or a base model jawn from IKEA.
2. Cover some stuff that emergency window replacement ate into, like food and bedsheets.

So, rather than doing (another) GoFundMe or whatever, I'm hoping to raise some funds by sending out some stuff from my collection. The breakdown is as follows:

15 prose books
15 poetry books
7 comics (collected editions, not single issues)
7 lp records
5 wrestling dvds

What do I have? Well, a lot. Most of the poetry is recent stuff, chapbooks and full collections, with some mass market paperbacks of Basho & whatnot. Prose is cut across fiction, criticism (film, mostly) and theory. Comics, some are going to be independent and some are going to be, like, Marvel I guess? I'm not checking the "value" of anything I send out and am not grading -- all of my books have been read, all of my records played, etc. They're kept in a clean house, but I use my stuff and hope you do too! nothing is shredded tho, so I'm not sending you trash. These will be sent out in a bubble mailer (or an LP mailer if you grab a record), media mail. Shipping to the US only, sorry to the rest of the world.