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After "designing" the first two issues of You Have to Deal with Me Breathing, I had an idea for the third that I couldn't do myself, which was putting Dusty Rhodes on the cover of Parliament's 1975 album Mothership Connection. The Dusty Rhodes of my childhood was the color commentary man on WCW Saturday Night, a show that he referred to as "the Mothership," and it just seemed like they went together.

Luckily, I know people who can draw. Punk Rock Big Mouth, who has done coloring books and tees for Ring of Honor and is one of the top three Shinsuke Nakamura fans in the world, did the cover of that issue. The issue was later modified and colored for the pin by Jerrod Porter, a designer and zinester from Athens, GA, and were made locally at Satisfactory, a store that used to print shirts for Ric Flair until WWE got mad at Ric Flair for printing his own shirts and Ric Flair got mad at Satisfactory for letting him print shirts there.

Let's do it!

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