Gay Community, Wolfpac Style (Pre-order ends 10/11)

Image of Gay Community, Wolfpac Style (Pre-order ends 10/11)
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The Gay Community is back, causing mass destruction. Guess who's here, the bad queers of wrestling.

Here by surprisingly popular demand, The Gay Community tee has evolved and will now be issued in Wolfpac red-and-black. Now you can be gay *and* dress like tomato-face Sting! As Kevin Nash would say, BUY THE SHIRT.

Tees printed on blue Next Level blanks by the world champion LVAC. (4XL and 5XL will be on Gildan Hammer blanks). Final product may appear slightly different than the mock up. There will not be a reprint. International shipping is prohibitively expensive, but if you're game I'm game.