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A Poem, Written On Anything You Like Within the Realm of Pop Culture

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Hello! If you've reached this corner of the internet, I assume it's because you know me or someone in my circle. If you're the kinda person who wants to support the poetry or criticism I'm writing but can't afford to do a monthly Patreon pledge, a one-off commission is a great way of making that happen.

1. Assuming you'd like a poem, please order one below.
2. Either using Big Cartel's message function or Twitter DMs (@colettearrand), let me know what you'd like a poem about.
3. Give me some time -- I'm assuming I'll have to look up a lot of this stuff!
4. When I am finished, you will receive your poetry directly in your e-mail inbox & at the shipping address you provided.

If you have any questions, let me know!